HLSW 1.4

HLSW is a tool for gamers allowing to find entries
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For any gamer, it is important to find a game entry. Somehow, for some reason the games don't have all the necessary capabilities for that, and here comes the need for such programs as HLSW.

HLSW is entirely free. It is very similar to “The All-Seeing Eye”, but very friendly. It allows you to manage servers from different multiplayer games. A few games listed in HLSW are: Call of Duty (including the version World at War), Half-life, Halo, Medal of Honor, Quake, and others.

From this program, you will be able to see what servers are available, filter and sort them, see who’s inside the server, configure your settings; including the alerts to know when pals are playing, receiving notifications via Messenger, MIRC.

You will get all the required information in just a few clicks. This is a tool developed for gamers… created by them to be used by them. On the developer's website, you can check the most active profiles and the last entries from the servers that will help you to decide what would be your best option in your server selection.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • List of over 100 games


  • Performance of the system and the program itself could be slow if you don’t set it properly
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